Uwp IoC Support

I have been developing UWP applications for a few years now and I truly enjoy it. It’s been the platform where I experiment with and used it to learn a lot about programming. In my day job I develop web applications on the ASP.NET MVC framework and one of the things it does right is the native support for IoC containers out of the box. When a HTTP request arrives to an action method in a controller, MVC will initialize the controller, inject all dependencies in its constructor and have it ready to handle the request.

The Start of SoundsMatic

Today marks the official beginning of the SoundsMatic journey. What is SoundsMatic? SoundsMatic is a new personal project that I’ll be working on. It is a UWP application built for the latest version of Windows 10 (as of today, that is version 1903 - Build 18362.239). It is a Music application with the following goals in mind: Focus on local music collection management including tag editing. Integration with 3rd party online services to provide additional features such as searching for lyrics, concert dates, charts, and more.