I don’t think I’ll ever be able to just give up writing code. I enjoy it too much.

I started writing code back in 2010 when I was still in highschool. It started when I found a .bat file and discovered that Windows offered an edit option when I right clicked on that file.

That option opened the file in notepad.exe and I saw those lines of text which made no sense to me. I wanted to find out what those lines were doing so I started researching.

I found a guy who had made multiple posts on a forum teaching other members how to write batch scripts on Windows. Luckily, he collated all of those posts in a single PDF file which I downloaded and spent then next 4 or 5 hours reading. I remember skipping dinner until I was done with it.

Then, I started experimenting and writing my own batch scripts.

Sitting there in front of my computer watching it doing things I told it to do was fascinating.

I started learning more about programming and discovered Microsoft .Net and Visual Basic.Net.

I started building desktop applications using WinForms and VB.Net but then quickly switched to C#.

Now, I am a full time .Net software developer based in Sydney, Australia.

I will be dumping thoughts, experiments, tips, and project announcements here on this blog. Let’s see how we go.