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Uwp IoC Support

I have been developing UWP applications for a few years now and I truly enjoy it. It鈥檚 been the platform where I experiment with and used it to learn a lot about programming. In my day job I develop web applications on the ASP.NET MVC framework and one of the things it does right is the native support for IoC containers out of the box. When a HTTP request arrives to an action method in a controller, MVC will initialize the controller, inject all dependencies in its constructor and have it ready to handle the request....

November 16, 2019 路 5 min 路 Me

Create a Dotnet Framework and Node Build Environment in Docker

Story time At the company I currently work for, our CI pipelines run on a dedicated server that we own and manage on premise. This build server is using Atlassian Bamboo and is configured to run the builds using agents running directly inside the host OS which means builds share and depend on components installed on the host OS. This configuration has been working fine for us and we rarely run into issues with it....

October 1, 2019 路 6 min 路 Me

Dotnet Core Webapi With Mssql in Docker Part 2

In the previous post I showed how to setup a Dotnet Core WebApi project to run inside docker. In part 2, I鈥檒l go over what is needed to containerize an SQL server and connect the WebApi to it. What do you need? This post assumes you have Docker Community Edition installed on your machine. If not, you can grab a copy from here. Containerizing Microsoft SQL Server Thankfully, Microsoft has created a base image for the SQL server which I will be using in this blog post....

August 31, 2019 路 8 min 路 Me

Dotnet Core Webapi With Microsoft SQL Server in Docker - Part 1

I have been hearing a lot of people talking about docker and all of the benefits it introduces and they got me interested in the technology. However, I only recently managed to get some time to play around with Docker. What I attempted to do was to take a DotNet Core WebApi project that I鈥檓 building and containerize it. The WebApi project was build initially with no intention of containerizing and it was surprising how easy it is to get it up and running in docker....

August 24, 2019 路 7 min 路 Me

The Start of SoundsMatic

Today marks the official beginning of the SoundsMatic journey. What is SoundsMatic? SoundsMatic is a new personal project that I鈥檒l be working on. It is a UWP application built for the latest version of Windows 10 (as of today, that is version 1903 - Build 18362.239). It is a Music application with the following goals in mind: Focus on local music collection management including tag editing. Integration with 3rd party online services to provide additional features such as searching for lyrics, concert dates, charts, and more....

August 10, 2019 路 1 min 路 Me